Current Drawing Event

Here are my sketches from last time life studio ran by Oscar Romp. The current Oscar Romp Drawing Day on 28/02/2012 from 09.45 to 18.00 in Theater Studio in glass corridor.

 For me, it is really a good idea to attend one of the drawing studios as regularly as possible. The process of studying the human form in an objective way could assist me to build an insightful understanding of the topography of the figure and its potential for movement.    


Sequential images 2

A lovely story about Happiness

The little lion asks his mother: Mom, where is happiness?
His mother answered: Happiness is on your tail.
The little lion turn around and around to achieve his tail.
His mom said that happiness cannot be achieved in that way. If you keep walking forward happiness will always follow you.


Pancake Day


Sequential images

         Visual narrative based on a sweet story about daddy and his little daughter.


Sketchbook 2

Recently I have tried to draw some babies based on photographic references. Such as their physical proportions, their facial expressions and gestures as well as their unspeakable habits.


Daily Sketch

A piece of work from my  daily sketchbook . 13*21 Moleskine  Watercolor painting


New medium

It is the first time I use Pen Tablet to draw picture, which is a convenient way to produce visual concepts by using digital technology directly. 


Dream journal # 1


They are actually not the sequential images for a specific story or something, but for me it is really a great way to catch up and running in illustration design. Since all of these drawings are based on my night dreams. I used to using just simple words to record them in the morning and make some drafts help me to remember the composition and layout of the atmosphere in my original dreams.
If you think your art works lack of imagination for the composition design, this method may help  you to explore it. Because it is kind of based on “Observation”, isn’t it? It is exactly the “observation” from your night dreams.  :-P

The final outcomes

Little red riding hood

All of these final outcomes are painted by acrylic.
The drawback of this scratch art paper is that the surface of the paper is easy to be scratched and damaged. So I have used these scratch art paper to help me develop the different concepts and using the acrylic to imitate the effect of the scratch art painting. It is really a fantastic process for me! ;-D

The visual development of character design

Normal drawing
                                                               Shadow art painting
Different medium--Scratching  art paper

Various styles

Development stages

You may have noticed that in this practice, the creative thinking methods are pretty helpful to me. Have you learnt something from this little presentation? I wish you could! Enjoy it. :-)