Halloween greeting cards design

I have been away from Birmingham on 27thOct to take part in the Halloween sketchcrawl event, and traveled around Sheffield for 3 days. Before I departed, I had prepared some Halloween cards creating by myself as a gift to send some new friends on our Halloween Party. Hope they all have had an amazing night on that day.    


Portrait sketches

I went to Millennium Point with my friend yesterday. We sketched some people at the café point and school library. They moved and changed their positions very fast, but it is important to sketch out the main outline in different situations.    


Sketching at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

I attended a local event called Sketchcrawl on last Sunday. The weather on that day was pretty good, and fortunately I met Lynne and lots of other artists at Yorkshire Sculpture Park. It’s really a great opportunity to practice observational drawing skill from nature site and getting inspirations from other talents. I spent one extra day staying at YSP in order to sketch out as much as I can.



Birmingham Urban Sketch