Exploring new technology in children’s book illustration design

Recently, I explored the new technology (laser cutting) being used in different materials and book formats design. After analyzing these laser cutting examples, I have written some principles and criteria that could support me to judge my own works of laser cutting book design, especially the laser cutting typeface design needs some specific requirements to ensure the final concepts could be readable for young audience. 

The laser cutting book is distinctive and exquisite, but might not suitable for young children, because the cutting paper might be torn easily. So compared with normal paper, some alternative media like glass paper might be more favorable for young audience, since that kind of material could be protected facilely.
  Laser cutting book design (Project: Pepito learns colors) 
n  Redesign the Pepito book to be laser cutting book format.
n  Considering how efficiently the format of the new technology book could communicate and interact with young readers. Exploring various possibilities of book design could be created through laser cutting technology. 
The initial sketches are in black and white and the black parts indicate the negative space which would be cut out in laser cutting machine.

Redesign the layout of Pepito book is in order to let the pages suitable for laser cutting. 
This laser cutting sample book will include a book cover design with 8 pages design that indicate what will the final concept looks like.

                               Book cover design
The cover page will be separated into different layers with different colors.

  Producing an interactive book by using just original black and white papers. Offering some colorful paper to readers and let them match the right color to the right page based on the text instruction.  

 The interactive book could not exist individually. So I need to find a way to combine the interactive book with the educational ones.

    One book with two covers-- combines the interactive book with the educational ones.

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