Soft book design

I used to research some non-paper alternative materials being used in children’s book illustration design, such as soft fabric book. Trying to create a soft book that could meet the young audience needs, the soft book may provide some irreplaceable strong point other than paper book, such as using some waterproof fabric to produce.
The soft book cover could be designed as a toy, and  inside the toy, is the content of the story. This kind of book format is cute and attractive to young readers.
 The series soft books talked about the different tails of diverse animals, and the concept of design is creative, the designer created different tails by using various materials that could enchant the young readers to be curious about the text.
The visual narrative folder soft book could display the sequential images to young readers.
The visual concepts development
According to the former visual references, I'm going to change the way to communicate with young readers. The target audience could be 3-5 years old children, who may like to interact with this user friendly soft book.
The book could be created like a jigsaw puzzle, in the beginning of the book, I will ask a question and offer some clues to readers, by reading the whole book, children will solve the question in the end of the story.
                                      Interesting book format design
The fish could be illustrated in a full spread that the paper could be folded into eight pages, as the following shows:
Full Spread Version
Design details:
Book size: Full spread: 50cm*30cm
                    Folded: 12cm*15cm
Book cover size: Full spread:  34.5cm*21cm
                               Folded: 15cm*19cm
Software: Adobe illustrator
Fabric: Glossy satin
Book Cover Design
                                        Front Cover & Beck Cover
By doing this project, I think the creative book format has a tight relationship with the content of story, because all I am supported to do is let the book design serving the story. Additionally, I have learnt how effectively the soft material book could interact with young audience and how to apply creative thinking methods in children’s book format design, after testing out the final concepts of fabric book design; I have ensured that my concepts are reasonable and suitable for reproduction.


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