Interactive soft book

The content of the soft story book
I plan to create the soft book as a basic level language education book to teach some simple words to young audience.
The book named Animals baby book
The learning words include Ladybug, Snake, Rabbit, Dog, Cat, Bird, Frog, and Whale.
The material being used in this book: colorful assorted felt sheets, bright buttons
Dummy Book size: 10.5cm X 15cm 
Target audience:
The soft book is suitable for 0 - 5 years old children.

The soft book format will look like a full spread, the pages will be linked by colorful buttons and both the left side and right side could be folded up, then the book will be folded into small size.

The individual soft card could be hanged on to the baby cot or baby carriage. And also this book pages could be linked together randomly, or as a folded book format. Therefore, the different functions of the audience needs would be achieved by diverse book formats.

Front cover design
Back cover design

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